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Ebay Sucks advice were to Buy old collectables toys cheap in bulk from Auction Houses

EBAY vs Traditional Auction Houses 

As the Biggest seller of toys and models on ebay uk in the 2000's how did i get all my stock ??

My name is Anthony and is this blog i will tell you a little about myself and why in the mid 2000's 
why i owned a very impressive house you know land scaped garden koi pond basically i lived the dream for good few years and this was because of eBay i earned a crazy amount of money and it was pretty easy if you keep to some strict rules  , but also the last few years have been hard also because of ebay and there crazy policy's of suspending big sellers over anything.

in this Blog i will tell you how i got my stock as while it may seem obvious to the people in the know it took me a few years doing the thrift stores car boot sales to get my stock then one day reading a newspaper article i went from a seller doing between £250-500 pounds a week on Ebay to on average £6,000 a week, and here is my top tip. 

basically i will say there are 5 top tips i used to get stock in this blog i want to explain the best way but here are the top 5 ways i got stock:

 Car boot sales

What i did is hit car boots in up market areas not the big ones in country bigger is not better, my best buys were at smaller rich areas the stories i could tell i would have people giving me stuff for free basically men sent out by wife's to make room for there Bentley cars etc, i was given a 1980's Haro bmx free by one bloke as he did not want it scratching his car in his garage i did buy a box of Lego and ave it me as i bought a lot from him,  , area i hit was Solihull in west midlands in England and luckily it was in walking distance my target was £1,000 worth of resale on eBay stock every week which i did easily 


yes seems a weird one never mentioned on forums but as i was a big seller people would trade me stuff and put me in contact with other dealers i got a lot of my stock from collectors who had gone round car boots them selves then swopped there findings for stuff they wanted from me 

Batman DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure


Thats correct i bought of eBay to resell but was a trick to doing this well two methods in today's market can not do as well as it did not back then, if you went onto eBay selected buy it now and newly listed you waited for new stuff to appear and if sellers had no idea what they were selling and price was to cheap you bought before anyone else saw it, also as i sold toys and action figures this was best way i bought things from countries like mexico and america you could not get in England ,what mean b this is i would by american exclusive gi joes and resell in England and buy rare he-man coloured figures from mexico very scarce outside mexico so would get premium money in my country then sell UK exclusive items to america , one year in England teletubbies was huge and we could not get them but in america they had loads, and in uk we had loads of singing elmo's and USA were going mad for them, so i just trading between countries what they wanted, big bucks can be made around Christmas doing this


What this was is i had several people who would travel across the uk and one client lived in isle of man which is a awesome place for collectables hold the TT races every year most of country is in the richer class of people basically most people have money or are rich and move there for tax reasons as tax is lower , what these people would do is buy items and send them to be to sort at and sell for a commission of 20 percent which back then ebay fee's were 5 percent so clients were happy paying 25% for me to get there items sold and send them the profit, amazing how many hoarders love buying but don't understand the internet if you can get contacts with hoarders car boot hunters pickers and be there outlet you can make big money

Auction Houses:

This was the best way i am lucky i live in Solihull in the United kingdom and i bought from a place called, aston auctioneers and Biddle and webb. 

sold toys and Vectis is biggest toy collectables place in the world stuff they get is mind blowing, the video above top of blog is about all of this seriously watch video if your a collector and understand why buying collectables on eBay is stupid go to links on my video save money time and get stuff cheap in bulk, 
the intention of the Video and blog was the make people aware of you do not have to go to eBay for collectables they get you in make you think your getting a good deal its all crap, 

i want collectors to get a good deal so basically do things i did especially Auction Houses to get stuff basically buy your stuff were the Ebay sellers do!!

go to links in my video and get stuff cheap its not a con i work for no one just make YouTube videos now and run my website


I do not recommend Ebay at all. i infact am disgusted by there practises how they ruin sellers lives who have bee doing eBay for years then get banned because of maybe a competitor complaint , ebay policy system stinks no common sense at all. 
i was a seller i got suspended , then eBay sent emails to my thousands of customers saying i was a bad seller and contact them for refund, i did nothing wrong i never sold fakes, stolen items, i bloody sold old toys for god sake, and the stories of items i got removed are a blog and video in itself yes i got power ranger toys taken of for looking like a sword, transformers taken off for looking like guns , toy cars removed as Hitler had one, just nuts!!! yes i got a message from ebay once accusing me of being a racist!!! for Christ sake 

Ebay sort term is ok long term will ruin your life , yes sellers on there snigger i was a power seller 12 years at least experience 99.9% feedback, 
click to buy a copy
here is the issue with Ebay no one really mentions if you give 10 years of your time to them being self employed as your full time job, if or when Ebay ban you try getting a job afterwards is very hard as you have no employment history etc, Employees do not like Ebay down as your job!!!!!!!!!! 



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English Bull Terrier what to expect owning one honest truth

What to Expect Owning English Bull Terrier Dog Breed, The Pro's and Con's

Good Points:

  • Easy to maintain coat will not need much brushing , but i do recommend putting a oil based animal friendly ointment on the skin as they are prone to itching can get dry skin conditions, hair is similar to most short haired terriers but from my experience they do not malt anywhere as much as a Jack Russell.

  • Very loyal animals if you are a insecure or just a lonely person with no many friends one of these is will give you ore time and attention than several hundred so called Facebook friends

  • Whilst these dogs are pretty rough and muscular in appearance they actually understand who to be rough playful with and how just need loves,  not much is mentioned about this but these dogs are incredibly caring with babies and old people alike, my last English Bull terrier used to help my dad get down the stairs when he was to old to do it all by himself pretty incredible to see and i regret never doing a video whilst both my dog and dad were alive, and the reverse of this the same dog would sleep under my newborn babies cot and if my son was in distress always find us to make us aware.

 would go so to say and would love to do a charity taking these dogs to care homes there 

very emotional understanding dogs . they can read people very well infact to well!!
  • English Bullterrier is a dog that has to have company which has its advantages and disadvantages, a English Bullterrier attaches itself very strongly to people and other animals in its circle , so you get one as a puppy and have children cats etc, your new dog will automatically take itself on she or he is the mom or dad of that family, this is great as it will protect its inner circle till the end, but also you need to be a strong owner as if not your English Bullterrier will see you the owner as its understudy/child , sure bully owners know what i mean by this, a Bullterrier is a dominant strong willed dog there the boss!!! never get owned by one need to make sure from beginning who rules who 

  • Also a Bullterrier is pretty unusual dog breed if walking your dog, do understand you will get attention, this is a good thing i think , my partner is not good going out talking to people if you own or think of owning one of these people in the street/park will talk to you so helps with outside socialism , Basically this dog breed is a ice breaker, or even a chat up tool, yep having one of these is more powerful on the street than have a ferrari and alot cheaper !

  • English Bull Terriers sleep a lot, they will be OK in a flat , just take for good walk once a day and do not bark much they are pretty chilled out creatures, 

  • Strong dogs can take a lot of punishment from kids playing with them etc, i accidentally hit a golf ball of my dogs head and she just carried on walking, sure these dogs do not feel pain, and as a result will allo kids to play rough or cats they just give you a look like what you doing,  (THIS DOES NOT MEAN HURT THEM) , 
  • A Bull-terrier is stubborn lazy and mostly cant be bothered to lose its temper but warning if it does its pretty scary like with any strong dog, but Once my Bully fell out play fighting with my brothers Akita , was not nice i had to throw both dogs in my pond to stop them!! so do not wind one up that's all i am saying!

Bad Points:

  • Deafness in white colours as much as everyone really knows the white ones i would and have a Brindle coloured one, or get a tri-colour seem more healthier.

  • Very strong willed not for a roll over and die type of person, do not smack or hit these will make them worse , they learn more about taking away love from them, seriously smacking dont work they are hardly noticeable to pain, words hand gestures and love work better, reason these dogs have a bad name is idiots who like to think there gangsters own them and can not cope with there strong personalty's and hit them, so they rebel and go out of control, simples, but yep hard when a Bull-terrier rips all your bed cloths of bed whilst spinning and jumping on your bed not to hit them, just take them outside in garden for some thinking time of the naughty step, these dogs are like kids !!

  • Bull terriers get emotionally attached , they like that Indian guy who adds to as a friend on Facebook, and keeps messaging you telling how pretty you are and just wont leave you alone, come on girls you know what i mean, unless its just my wife who gets if you have or get one may take a bit of time for one to accept someone new into your life, don't ant to sound rude but ladies if you get a bully, then a new partner, bedtime may be tricky at the start as poor doggy things you getting hurt and don't like it, My bully will not tolerate any of its inner circle family getting hurt, 

  1. If you are a private person , or maybe even a drug dealer and do not want attention don't walk one down the road they get attention people will approach you and walks to shop start to take longer with people chatting to yu, but said in earlier comment, this can be a positive meeting new people and making new relationships, i am sure a Bull Terrier is a better ice breaker than a polar bear !!

Owning an English Bull Terrier, through the eyes of a 14 year old;

Loki, our dog, can be a lot of work sometimes, at times she can be clingy. Sometimes she nibbles my feet, it doesn't hurt it can be just very annoying. However, sometimes she can be cute and playful,
Also, she is very obedient, she listens to what your saying and understands and normally if you say things like 'sit' and she understands what you're saying. Bull Terriers can be mischievous, naughty and cheeky, for example she has 'accidents' around the house which is very annoying. But she is still very loving so you overlook those kind of things. Overall, a English Bull Terrier is a very good companion to have and will not let you down...

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Ferrari F40 Ferrari Testarossa Stunning models by Herpa

top 10 best dogs to own ever for loyalty companionship

So many nice dogs in the world so hard to choose all but here is my list of the top 10 dogs to own for loyalty and companionship, not dogs for fashion accessories but for families and owners to love! and get loved back from.

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Eaglemoss DC Comics Figurine Collection Batman Superman Checklist